Hammond Imperator 150VA Encapsulated Industrial Control Transformer

150VA Industrial Control Transformer:

Primary Voltage: 460/230/208

Secondary Voltage: 115/24

Output Amps: 1.30/6.25


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• 600V class, rated industrial control transformers
• 11 standard multi primary and secondary voltage groups available1
• 50/60 Hertz (60Hz on PH***AJ & PH***AR)
• VA range from 50 up to 15001
• Robust insulation system:
› 50-150VA, temperature rise 55°C, insulation class 130°C
› 250-1500VA, temperature rise 80°C, insulation class 130°C
• Constructed with high quality silicon steel laminations that provide optimum performance and reliability
• Encapsulated coils encased in a custom injection molded cover, protect coils and
terminations from moisture, dirt and other industrial airborne contaminants
• Mounting Feet: made of heavy steel and welded or bolted to the core, these
mounting feet provide superior strength in a compact design
• Termination: combination slot/Phillips #6 screw, complete with SEMS washer
(suitable for 18 AWG to 14 AWG solid or 14 AWG stranded wire)
• Standard SEMS washers – supplied on all units2
• Standard secondary fuse kits -utilizing 13/32” x 1 1/2”[ 10.3 x 38.1 mm] midget/type CC fuse clips (supplied with all units)
• Optional primary fuse kits available utilizing 13/32” x 1 1/2”[ 10.3 x 38.1 mm] midget/type CC fuse clips
• Optional finger safe terminal covers available on all units
• LIFETIME Warranty (Limited)


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Weight 7.6 lbs
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